Home Remodel Testimonials

NW Kitchen Designs in Vancouver, Washington works hard to surpass your expectations. Here’s what our clients have to say about our work.

“Grayson performed some intensive remodel work for our Spa facility this past summer. His work is outstanding in terms of quality and final result. He kept us informed throughout the process and was responsive to our concerns about costs and schedule. He went out of his way to ensure we had minimal disruptions to our every day business. His commitment to the project was above average. We saw him arrive, oftentimes early, and was focused on the task when he was here. “We were able to remain open during the project, and would recommend him to other commercial business owners that are seeking an open, honest, reliable, and dedicated contractor to assist in their commercial property improvements.”

“Grayson Tumlinson, and Grand Ridge Homes have recently completed our new custom home project in Kelseyville, California. We are extremely pleased, with the result and would like to give our highest personal and professional recommendation to Grayson” and his crew at Grand Ridge Homes. We honestly do not believe this home could have been built without Grayson.

When we started this project we began interviewing other builders and we were very disappointed with their lack of willingness to work with us on all of the details as well as the costs we were quoted. “From the very start, Grayson spent many hours with us, going over our wants and desires for this home. We have owned several homes and were very adamant about what we wanted in this one. He took our ideas to his designer and he did a remarkable job, putting it all down on paper.” He worked with our banker as well, through the entire process, and the financial end of it went very smoothly.

We had a difficult lot to build on, with a severe slope. This was not a problem for Grayson and his crew, as the grading and framing proceeded without a hitch. Our meetings with Grayson continued as we began the process of selecting many, many items needed in the finished house. As the construction continued, “We became aware of what a pleasure it was to work with Grayson. He was always professional with us, and his positive demeanor at all times was a major contributor to the success of this project. His crew members were always very polite and courteous to us and the work site was kept neat and clean. The inevitable small problems and issues that arose during the project were handled promptly and completely. We know what a difficult process, selecting a builder for you custom home project can be. ” We feel that Grayson and Grand Ridge Homes are simply the best” and we found their costs to be very reasonable. “We are very proud of our new home and love to “show it off”

It has truly been a pleasure, working with you Grayson. We wish you all the success in the world, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for giving us such a beautiful home!”

“I was told by a successful business associate of mine, that Grayson was the builder who could handle all my needs for my dream home. From the blue-print stage to the finish line, Grayson was great.”

During the building process is when I saw that Grayson’s knowledge and foresight made every sequence run smoothly. I now live in a beautiful custom built home, and loving everyday of it. He did such a great job, that I sometimes come home and cannot believe that this is mine. If you are looking for a person that will build your dream house and listen to your needs and concerns along the way, I would say

“Call Grayson!  He built our wonderful house and we love it!”

“My wife and I purchased a new home built by Grayson Tumlinson, General Contractor.  From the moment we passed through the garage and into the living space, unannounced prior to the homes completion, we were impressed by the design, functionality and diligence of the craftsman to the various tasks at hand.  We knew then, as we do now, it was the right home for us and would be proud to show it off whenever given a chance. On a more personal note, Mr. Tumlinson has been very helpful in answering any questions we’ve had, and “he is very much, a stand up individual” in resolving those issues one might expect to take place during such a process.

I would highly recommend Grayson and his company to anyone considering a new home purchase that he has built.”

“Grayson, worked for me as the licensed contractor who built my home in 2005.  Grayson’s responsibilities were, overseeing, planning, property budgeting, and the construction of my home. Being that this was my first time having a new home built for me, I had many questions.  “Grayson was very proficient in answering all my questions and concerns with his ‘wealth’ of experience.”  I was on the job site, almost everyday because of my curiosity of the process.  The contractors he hired were also very polite and did quality work.  All in all it was quite painless, and I would hire Grayson again to build my next home. “Grayson has accomplished an excellent job for me and I would highly recommend him for any project you may have.”

“Grayson was the General Contractor, for my home in Woodland, WA.  It was a large project and required a lot of attention.  The house is built on top of a hill outside of town, so there was always more coordination needed to get people where they needed to be, and when they were needed.  Since we were so far out of city limits, it meant that you just didn’t drop in to do something. ” It required lots of prior planning to ensure everything was ready for the next sub-contractor.” Grayson had a lot of experience on what would work, look good, save money and still get a finished project that would make one proud. He was always willing to accommodate our requests to alter or add items that we didn’t think of at first.  He would always return our calls promptly, and was personally at the site, often to check the progress of his workers.  I also noticed that he always used reliable, well-trained contractors in building our home, which showed in the finished product. Grayson usually was on budget or if slightly over, was prompt to bring that to our attention.

“We have enjoyed working with Grayson and would do so again in the future. People are always complimenting our home, which we can thank Grayson for that. I wish him well in the future, and I think anyone considering him for any new job, would be very pleased with the quality and timeliness he brings.”

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